Saturday, 30 January 2010

January blues

So it's been a while since I wrote, Christmas and family and work commitments kinda got in the way of updating this. Before Christmas I was planning to organise my understairs cupboard as it was a disorganised mess with things thrown in any old way. Now my new shelves are in it looks completely different, it's so easy to find and acess things. All that's left to do is buy a shoerack and some hooks for my coats to go on the outside wall. I painted with a hge tub of leftover pale green paint and the carpet was a leftover bit from the spare room. Once everything's complete I'm going to change the light from the bare hanging bulb to a ceiling mounted light as I keep hitting my head or burning my arm on the current one! Here's the before and after pictures

I successfully completed the Live on £4000 a year challenge for 2009 with my grand total coming in at £3425.89. I was really pleased with this as I'd expected to go overbudget, and the leftover money has paid for a trip to Berlin in March. I hope to achieve the same level of success with my budget for 2010 especially as there is a lot more included in this year's budget.

My weightloss is going better than I thought. I rarely weigh myself as I get miserable when I haven't shifted any weight but I've been at the gym a few times a week since the start of the year so I took a chance and weighed myself and I've lost 2stone 1lb since last September. I feel a lot more positive about my weightloss now because for a lot of that time I wasn't really making any significant effort. My BMI has reduced from 43 to a slightly less scary 41, the plan is for my it to hit 35 by the end of the year with a combination of a healthier diet and lots of exercise as some of my 101 aims are based around exercise and outdoor activity.
On Tuesday I tried a yoga class and it took a couple of days for my muscles to stop aching. I don't think yoga is for me, I knew I already struggled with my flexibility but the exercises have made my knee ache because the movements were putting a lot of pressure on my knees and still sore foot ligaments. There are some exercises I would do myself on the gym mat though to help improve my flexibility. Once my knee has fully recovered I'm going to try Body Pump instead.

My ideal view

My ideal view