Sunday, 31 May 2009

Had a very productive day today - managed to achieve first month of task 26 - talked to my friend on the phone as she just bought a house. Also worked on 17 - painted my back yard, then plastered the front of the house where it was dampproofed and there were a couple of cracks. Went to the diy store for a new door handle for the kitchen door - I plan to paint it to match the walls -and some filler to fix the gaps round a couple of the internal doors. Then task 39 - I took a picture of my dinner because I made four portions of turkey red curry for £1.05 each.

I had been meaning to organise my craft room for a while because I had a lot of stuff just lying on the floor in piles. So I took an old shelving unit I had spare and used one shelf for all the new fabrics I've gathered up. Then another shelf for my sewing stuff, and the other shelf for art materials, all neatly boxed. There's even space for my sewing machine at the side of the shelves.

This coming week I'm going to get all my books and DVDs organised as there were some in this room, some in the spare bedroom, a few more in boxes, and two shelves full in the living room. Definitely time for trip to the charity shop!

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  1. Wow! Great decluttering.
    You are making great strides with your list Skint Chick


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My ideal view