Sunday, 7 June 2009

I've finally finished off my 101 list and I'm feeling quite pleased with my list. I did struggle at first but once I got going and looked a few other people's lists it became easier. I'm off on holidays on Tuesday and can't wait for a bit of rest and relaxation and to spend some time with my husband. I'm going to write a travel journal while I'm away to make a start on task 59 and then when I get back write some reviews on tripadvisor (task 60) - I chose that particular website because I use it when booking holidays to check the hotels I'm considering get good reviews.

I spent yesterday catching up with a friend who has made a change in her career too and taken a new job, we went for some food and to see a band and it was amazing. It made me feel younger - when I was younger I used to see bands live at least once a month and I've got out of the habit of it, and my husband has very different taste in music to me - so I'm going to make more of an effort to go to gigs. It's one place I feel I fit in and I'm not socially awkward because noone cares what you wear to see a band, you can be outrageous or dress casually and I don't get judged or as though I'm in a fashion parade. I've kept to my task of taking a picture every day and am going to keep my camera in my handbag fully charged from now on so I don't miss any opportunities to take spur of the moment shots.

Unfortunately the diy has come to a halt because the weather isn't great - and we're going away so no point in starting anything. But I've organised all my paperwork and everything is ready to go on holiday so no last minute panic and stress like usual. Here's some pics I took last week...

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  1. also planning on keeping a travel journal when we're away in Central America.
    Love the photos


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